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IEEE IWGRS 2020 (Session 4-6)

November 18, 2020 | Visits and Events | No Comments

Paper 13: Application and Evolution of Airborne LiDAR Technology for Topographic Data Acquisition Practice in the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia

Paper 14: Identification of the Vulnerable Watershed for Flood Mitigation in Mullaitivu District in Sri Lanka Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques

Paper 15: Advancing Landslide Risk Register Via Geospatial Metamodel Approach: A Review

Paper 16: Geospatial Detection of Hidden Lithologies along Taiping to Ipoh Highway in Malaysia

Paper 17: Model Computation with Second-Order Radiative Transfer Equation for Snow and Ice Media using coupled Finite Element Method and Method of Moment Method

Paper 18: A Study On Thickness Retrieval for Saline Ice Using a Radiative Transfer Inverse Scattering Model with Simulated Annealing

Paper 19: Miniature UWB Radar for Object Detection

Paper 20: Prediction of Ambient PM10 Concentration in Malaysian Cities Using Geostatistical Analysis

Paper 21: Study and Validation on Backscattering Mechanism of Oil Palm Tree with ALOS-PALSAR 2

Paper 22: Assessment of Pine Forest Condition towards Monitoring and Early Detection of Stress through a Synergistic Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery

Paper 23: Rice Planting Area Mapping using Sentinel-SAR in Northwest Region of Malaysia

IEEE IWGRS 2020 (Session 1-3)

November 18, 2020 | Visits and Events | No Comments

Paper 1 (Invited Paper): High-Performance Computing-based Independent Data Structure using CUDA Refactoring for Fluvial Flood Estimation

Paper 2: Evaluation of the Vulnerabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Global Positioning System (GPS) Jamming and Spoofing

Paper 3: Far Field Earthquake Epicenter Location Estimation Using GPS Derived Seismic Signals

Paper 4: GNSS Interference Environment in Malaysia: A case study

Paper 5: Validation of Waveform Retracking Analyses with Fuzzy Logic on Altimetry Satellite Data: A Case Study in Halmahera Sea, Indonesia

Paper 6: Cravings: An Open Source Web GIS Application for Multi Attribute Decision Making

Paper 7: Towards the Development of Bloom Index specific for the Estimation and Identification of Phytoplankton Biomass in Manila Bay, Philippines

Paper 8: Application of eMODIS Time Series NDVI Data in Mapping the Vegetations’ Annual Net Primary Production Distribution of an Semiarid Environment

Paper 9: Unhealthy Plant Detection Using RGN-Webcam Modification and Regression

Paper 10: Development of Video Data Post-Processing Technique: Generating Consumer Drone Full Motion Video (FMV) Data for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Paper 11: Benthic Habitat Mapping Using Drone in Cemara Beach Waters of Wakatobi District, Indonesia

Paper 12: Tectonic geomorphology: Google terrain or shuttle radar topography maps